In 2013, our oldest son, who was eight at the time, was diagnosed with Autism (Aspergers). While he and my wife were discussing a story of a little girl who could not feel pain, we were able to gain the greatest insight into the mind of a child that we would ever be given. My wife explained that this little girl was continually getting hurt because she did not feel pain and therefore would not stop when she did something like put her hand on a hot stove, etc. The conversation turned to why would God allow someone to go through something like that. My wife asked him, "Well why do you think God allowed you to be autistic." To our astonishement he calmly replied, "So I can help other people like me." And that was it. We knew that God was calling our family to do something, but we didn't fully understand what that something was.


While going through the Med Board at Ft. Benning, GA from complications from a Traumatic Brain Injury, I kept contemplating why God would take away my ability to walk and serve and seperate me from my family. It was then that these words kept coming back to me, "So I can help other people like me." It was then that I knew what our family was being asked to do.


The John 9:3 Foundation was founded in 2017 with the original purpose of helping families and individuals on the Autism Spectrum with information, support and in-kind donations of sensory items and fuel cards for therapy appointments; as well as serve service members and veterans through partnerships with local and regional nonprofit organizations and veteran service organizations. We are currently seeking approval to start a program that will serve orphans and adoptive families as we pursue our own international adoption from the country of Ukraine. Until then, One Less will serve as a source of information and support for adoptive families.

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